Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started 

1) Does FoxTrader works on IOS platform?

FoxTrader works on Windows based platform.

2) Is FoxTrader Free to use?

We are offering single day free trial for FoxTrader , post that you can pay segment wise Rs 590(inclusive GST) to avail 05 days usage. Please click here for charges.

3) How does the free trial work?

We are giving single day free usage for all segments which are available in trading account. Free trial will start as soon as user will logged in with trading credentials. In case segments added in Demat after opting free trial, add on segment will be paid.

4) How to install this?

Please click here to install the desired product.

5) I am interested in buying the annual subscription but i am not good in creating algo.

Our fully equipped technical team will help you in creating algos / strategies of your choice. After learning our easy functions you can start making algos on your own in short time. We keep regular free training also for our users on this.

6) If wanted to buy, what different plans are available for FoxTrader?

After one day trial usage, user can avail paid trial for few more days and then go for half yearly and yearly plan. Rates are comparatively affordable and worth.

7) Foxtrader is live with which different brokers till now?

FoxTrader is live with 25+ brokers including JM Financials, ProStocks, ProfitMart, Angel Broking , AnandRathi, Nirmal Bang, Finvasia and many other full service & discounted brokers are in suit, there are more into pipeline to come.

8) What different types of payment options available?

One can pay using payment gateway (Pay by credit /Debit card, Online bank Transfer, RTGS, Local cheque deposit, Cash Deposit or DD).

9) When my subscription will be activated?

If anyone is paying online , subscription will start instantly just by selecting choice segment /period in application or you may take our support team help to proceed.

10) What is your Refund Policy?

Kindly check on website.

11) In case of credit card payment, what about card information security?

Credit card payments are done through a Third Party Secure payment gateway provided by TPSL. Every bit of information is encrypted using SSL encryption.

12) Can user cancel the subscription?

We are offering one month money back guarantee policy for all live active segments only(Applicable to half year and yearly subscription plans). Same is not available for ADD ON certificates.

Subscription Related

1) What will be the charge after demo?

Please click here for charges.

2) If I subscribe for NSE in Fox then how do I Trade FO Segment?

You have to subscribe to NFO as well to send orders.

3) Please provide the link to register to Foxtrader.

Please click here to install the desired product.

4) In case of negative balance, what should user do?

After working hours, user can do online payment within application itself.

5) How the excess paid amount will be utilized?

If user paid an excess amount, remaining amount will be maintained in same account as it is.Once ongoing subscription period is over, remaining amount can be used for further period.

6) What if user did not pay online?

Payments done other than online transfer ,will take time to reflect. User need to contact to support team in case. Support member will assign a token of paid amount and application can be used then. So to avoid interruption always do online payments.

7) How to change segment selection if needed?

It is advisable to change segment once ongoing period has been finished. After end date, segment will be deleted and one can do payment and select choice segment.

8) What if segment certificates are expired with remaining credit balance?

If anyone paid extra than required segment charges, extra paid amount can be used later. We have provided ‘Recurring’ functionality which can be used for uninterrupted application usage.

9) Is it possible to shift from one segment to another if needed?

Yes shifting from one segment to another is possible but only for higher period. We are not allowing same for daily and monthly period.

10) Can anyone shift application from one machine to another with all earlier details?

Yes, hardware shifting is possible with minimum shifting charges.

11) Is it possible to suspend ongoing segment if needed?

Suspension is not allowed for ongoing segment period, but same can be done by adding extra balance for unused period (After usage calculation).


1) Do you have a FoxTrader Lite for traders who are only interested in technical analysis and trading but not algo trading.

FoxTrader Standard is the lite version available.

2) Does it have all the Features of Falcon 7?

Most of the features of Falcon7 are already there in FoxTrader.

3) Is it possible to save charts in the software?

Yes, you can save charts.

4) If I buy NFO segment only, will I be able to plot spot nifty and banknifty graphs?

You will get live Nifty spot chart as of now.

5) Will it support market replay?

Market replay is available as an optional subscription. In FoxTrader, currently market replay is not available.

6) Can I build custom indicator in FoxTrader?

Yes, we have variety categories of studies.

7) Can support team assist to create strategy if needed?

Yes ,support team can help, just drop mail to us on ‘[email protected]’ with all necessary details for strategy building(Charges may applicable).

8) Can we have paper trading or virtual trading in Fox?

Yes, we have introduced Simulation trading in Fox product in all available levels

Advanced Features

1) Will fully automated algo trading be allowed in the foxtrader platform if retail trader acquires NISM Certification?

Fully automated will be available to dealer, authorised broker or franchisee. Certain procedures needs to be followed.

2) Creating algo is chargeable or its included in the price?

Algo / Strategy creation is very easy in our software. Once we learn the techniques you will be able to create them yourself. You don’t need to know any programming language to build algos in our software. Charges will only be levied for complicated strategies that takes time to build.

3) Are there any video regarding strategy and back testing on You Tube?

Look for the keyword “Algo trading for Non Programmers” It has 3 parts. It will definitely help. We will build more videos related to this topic and upload it in our FoxTrader Channel.

4) Do you have Elliot wave and Renko bars indicator?

We have Renko Charts.

5) I want auto trailing SL as and when price moves against or in my favour

SL trailing is available as study.

6) Do you have Market Profile with real time bid and ask order flow?

Time and Volume profile is available. Currently doesn’t use bid offer information but 5 bid/offer chart is available.

7) If someone decides to follow and copy a successful trader is it possible through the platform?

This is an optional feature. Only a S.E.B.I. registered investment adviser can publish his trades and planned orders.

8) Is fully automated trading is available with premium version?

Fully Automatic Version is available. However you have to be dealer / sub broker / franchisee or authorised person. Certain procedures needs to be followed.