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Charts Redefined

Market is data! Analyse the market and get insights as never before. You can view conventional charts, market profile or order flow. All conventional watches are complimented with beautiful visualisations.

Easy Strategy Testing

Exploit the future by understanding the past. We give you 300+ studies, 200+ conditions/signals and multiple ways of analysing past data. Our back testing and scanning tools empower you to assess and fine-tune the effectiveness of your trading strategies before putting your money on the line. You can easily make your strategies live.

Automate your strategies

Discipline is everything when it comes to trading. You can do rule based trading using one-touch or auto mode. Automating any directional intraday strategy was never so simple. Once you have developed a strategy that you are happy with, you can specify that orders be sent for execution. The orders can be sent automatically, or only after you approve them. Your orders will be executed in fraction of a second using native API. 

You can automate order quantities, stop levels and trailing stops. You can monitor current positions, P/L, open orders for all of your strategies. You can even specify maximum loss for the day.

Real Time Market Scanner

FoxTrader lets you take almost any condition, not just trading signals and define a scan to let you know when that condition has occurred in any instrument. You can even generate orders from such scans.

Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Combine different time frames of data, indicators, signals and trading strategies into one chart or analysis. Your charts can mix and match multiple time frames in data streams, indicators, signals and trading strategies as well as other instrument data. For example, the FoxTrader lets you combine daily and weekly bars in the same trading system. You can create a single trading system with minute and hourly bars. Think of the possibilities.

Option Analysis

Options analysis can be intuitive with right kind of visualization.

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